National Geographic

At the crossroads of art and science, The GenoGraphic Project stands out as a groundbreaking research initiative by National Geographic. This endeavor has pioneered advancements in genetic anthropology, illuminating human migration patterns and revealing ancestral stories. Its DNA testing kits and genealogy products have not only found resonance with the curious public but have also furthered our collective understanding of our species' intricate journey.

In collaboration with Flying Machine NYC, as an associate brand designer and illustrator, I was given the privilege of shaping the visual narrative of this transformative project. The illustrations crafted were more than mere visual decor; they became the storytellers of The GenoGraphic Project's profound mission and values. Each design element intricately wove the brand's ethos, ensuring that the audience could seamlessly traverse the vast terrains of genetics and anthropology.

The commendations The GenoGraphic Project has received within the realm of scientific research and its marked success among consumers are testaments to its significance. Being a part of this project, contributing to its branding and visual identity, has been an experience both enlightening and fulfilling.